Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pop Pink

I have been sporting red lips for more than a year and is time I need me some strange. And yes, I know its a beautiful colour and it makes your pout look like a movie star in its own right, but I am actually gradually steering off this colour. My new favourite is bubble gum lips. Think in your face, bright neon, Andy Warhol-esque, eye popping fuchsia. While dark tones are all well and good, my recent obsession is neon pink!
Fuchsia lips also stood on the runway, and pop lips are touted as the trend this spring. This is not to say that red is not trendy anymore. Matte red tones are definitely still very much in vogue, but this neon version of pink is the perfect day colour while the reds come in handy for the evenings. There are times when every girl wants to exude fun rather than class! This pink is for those moments.

This particular pop pink color suits any kind of skin tone from the pale to the brown skin. On the one hand you have Emma Stone wear this trend, and on the other, you have Beyonce rocking this shade. Thats proves my point!

From top left: Emma Stone, Beyonce, Janelle Monae, Blake Lively

There are a few different shades you can opt for. The pink ranges from hot pink, to a darker fuchsia, some tones even bordering purple while some steer towards red. Remember to pick a pink that is well defined and doesnt wash you out. The general idea is to go for bold and bright pink!
I got my fix from Forever 21's Fuchsia hydrating lipstick that is the most awesome shade of pink. It is smooth to apply and long lasting too apart from the fact that it smells like candy!

So step up and buy this bold colour for your lips, stat. Your lips need the pink me up!

1. Stila, Betsey-Fuchsia Colour Balm Lipstick Price : $
2. Nars, Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage-hot pink, Price : $
3. YSL, Pure colour radiance in 7 Le Fuchsia, Price : $
4. Mac Candy Yum Yum,  Price: $
5. Sephora, Colour Lip Last in 11 Forever Fuchsia-Hot Pink, Price: $


  1. so in love with that trend! :)

  2. i love a bright lip and hot pink is so perfect for the spring. Great post!

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  3. i'm usually fearful of bright lipstick (well, actually lipstick in general lol!), but this colour looks amazing; so ideal for spring!

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  4. I'm a huge fan of red but I have to admit that in the spring I always wear bright pink! Love that colour.