Sunday, April 6, 2014


I am going out on a limb here and stating that statement earrings is not everybody's cup of tea. Most of us prefer a statement necklace or some arm swag over fancy earrings. I am not big on earrings myself, except, ear-cuffs break that stereotype. Ear-cuffs are a version of statement earrings that are fun, edgy and imply that the arm-party has definitely moved up and above!
This black diamante cuff from Forever 21 that I have worn here is both gorgeous and dressy. It's versatile and can be paired with your classic t-shirt and jeans combination or with your Indian wear as well. This was a single ear-cuff that came with a small stud for the other ear. You can buy these in pairs too, which is mostly determined on how you plan to style it. For cuff-inspiration, take a cue from Emma Watson and Cara Delevigne both of whom know how to sport ear-cuffs without it overpowering your look, while making a statement!

Ear-Cuff: Forever 21
Photographs by Neeraj Kedar

Monday, March 17, 2014


While scouring through the racks of Forever21, trying to find a perfect outfit for my friend's show at fashion week, I came across this blue wide-legged jumpsuit. Tucked away between a floral printed pant and a slouchy black trouser, my eye caught sight of the beautiful blue in this lustrous fabric. My first thought on seeing it was 'nautical' for even the buttons on the jumpsuit have anchors weighing them down. But the best part of the jumpsuit has to be its versatility because you can cross-cross the suspender straps or simply remove them to wear them as palazzo pants.
So while I decided to keep the suspender straps on, I avoided the obvious nautical stripes and rope dance. I decided to go low and gold on the accessories. I slapped on a gold cuff here and a layered necklace there and was good to go. I completed this pseudo-nautical look with aviators and a satchel bag all of which had gold accents. Not to mention my nude ankle-cuff sandals that make bondage seem like a fun idea!

Jumper, Vest, Shoes, Bag, Accessories, Aviators: All Forever 21
Photographs by Neeraj Kedar

Thursday, February 20, 2014

London Fashion Week

London Fashion week was a cocktail mix of Anna Wintour, Kendall Jenner, Bradley Cooper and a lot of glitz. The collections were a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but for the most, Londoners seemed to have broken the myth of being too uptight by embracing prints and graphics on the runway this season. We expect it out of a Mary Katrantzou and a Peter Pilotto, but even stalwarts like Burberry went the graphic route this season. Sharing with you some of my favourite collections at London Fashion week, while fashion zooms in to Milan.

Temperly London

Temperly London

The collection saw a lot of textural play with a mix of materials like lace, organza, knits and quilts added to the colours and embellishments used. There were prints galore that were well balanced with a lot of sheer fabrics. There was rococo prints and embroidery that was art deco inspired, which then leaned towards folk with embroidered roses and floral prints.
The collection was decadence at its best.

Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique

Seemed like Topshop traded the usual sequins for fur and embroidery this season. The collection seemed to forgo the casual vibe that Topshop exudes for a more luxurious approach. The most striking feature had to be the outwerwear with fluffy blue mohair robes, camel coloured capes and fur-lined trenchcoats.
The collection was a mix of fabrics with lace, leather and knits resurfacing often and the leather shorts and the puffer jackets assured the collection was fun along with beings streamlined and classic.

Mary Katratzou

Mary Katrantzou

Known for her digital prints, Mary Katrantzou went a slight different route this season. She used a mix of materials like lace, brocades and pleats to create visual graphics that were tactile in nature. Taking from official uniforms, she incorporated everything from crests, badges and even road signs into her garments.
Some of the pieces that actually stood out were the simpler outfits with the colour blocked pleats and the garments with the exquisite embroidery on it which almost like it has been printed, but better.



After Dolce and Gabbana went the hand painted watercolour way with their gowns, Burberry used hand-painted flower motifs in their collection this season. The painted flowers took the shape of scarves and beautiful floaty dresses. Some were painted on silk trenchcoats while some were painted on leather, suede. Even the bags had smudgy drawings of flowers reminiscent of a kindergartner's painting shenanigans. More defined floral prints came in the form of dresses, shirts and jackets later in the collection.
What stood out were the oversized beautiful scarves draped around the models' necks, and the cashmere shawls in stripes and floral prints thrown on their shoulders. The bags got their due attention as well, which were large totes that were hand-painted. The collection was a far cry from Burberrys usual aesthetics, but was great nonetheless.

Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos are known for their prints and loud colours and their collection consisted of exactly that, but with embellishments thrown in for good measure. There was a lot of colour play from prints in purple and orange to mountain printed garments. Their fur trimmed funnel neck sweaters looked chic and perfect for fall. The garments were well tailored and constructed, which had the Peter Pilotto stamp on it.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford

The collection was classic and streamlined. There was an overpowering amount of black in the collection with hints of reds here and there. The collection was strong and consisted of wool tunics, sweater dresses and simple necklines.
It wasn't all serious though because there were two sequined jerseys that made big noise and became the talk of the show. For all those who saw Jay-Z wear the Tom Ford knock-off numbered jersey will know that this was Tom Fords take on that. Tom Ford basically made a knock-off of a knock-off.

Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch

Talk about quirky! The handbags designed by Anya Hindmarch were inspired by breakfast cereals and crisps packets. It was a fun take on fashion and the collection was just another in the series of quirky bags doing the round these days.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stackin' em up

Caution: Please do not try this with Gucci and Prada

This is one of the best yet not-so-practical storage method for sunglasses I have come across! It's great simply because it's easier to have them all in one spot without them occupying too much space, but I believe the downfall is that they are more susceptible to possible damage this way. For a hoarder like me though who has plenty of sunnies (I have more), this idea is nothing short of brilliant. I have collected mine over the years, and usually prefer affordable (read Forever21 and Asos), but plenty to suit my varying moods and therefore can afford to do the above. I can safely stash this away in my cupboard to enable easy access on a day to day basis with offending absolutely no one and nothing. I saw something similar on Pinterest (God bless Pinterest) and ever since then, have wanted to try it out and so far am loving the eye-candy!

A word of caution though: You may not want to try this with your Gucci and Prada. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Peter Pilotto for Target

From the moment Target announced it's latest tie-up with designer duo Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos, the world was at edge, waiting to see a cacophony of myriad prints and a print clash in vivid colours. That's the signature style of the British designer duo, and they remained true to their reputation. The collection was officially unveiled at NYFW and hit the stores on the 9th of this month. The collection only four months post their previous tie up with Philip Lim, was a far cry from the latters simple style, and while we loved that understated style and the Pashli for a steal at just $60, the loud and fun prints are a great change.
This collection focuses more on geometric and florals in neon colours and loud patterns. It consists of everything from shoes, accessories, swimwear to skirts and sweatshirts. The price is pocket friendly and is limited to two digits, which is good news for us! The collection is available at the Target stores and online on Net-a-porter and as well. Some of the garments have apparently already sold out, so be quick and grab some funky prints for spring!

Peter Pilotto for Target Lookbook

Friday, February 14, 2014

NYFW A/W'14 - II

The snow in New York seems to be disrupting absolutely nothing, as attendance of fashionistas seems not to falter. Some of the more exciting shows were scheduled for the latter half of fashion week and this includes shows of designers like Marc Jacobs and Oscar De La Renta. While most shows displayed beautiful garments, some of my favourites include Theory and J.Crew. The asymetrical hemlines in Theory and the chic vibe in J.Crew were definitely the highlights for me.


Not usually a fan of asymetrical hemlines, this collection made me change my stance. The hemlines and the well constructed ruffles only added a dramatic flair to the crisp garments. The sheer fabrics, transparent skirts, hourglass jackets and the subdued colours only added to the beauty of the garments. The collection could have used some more statement pieces, but was flawlwess nonetheless.

3.1 Phillip

Lets talk bags. We all love the Pashli for it's gorgeous self, but this time Phillip Lims collection consisted of bags with slang emblazoned on them. From totes to amaze, we saw it all. While I quite appreciate the quirk, it doesnt seem like it will get the 'it' bag status anytime soon or anytime at all.
Bags aside, the collection was dynamic and ranged from pastels to more pop colours like yellows and reds. The silhouettes were sporty and included slouchy pants and bomber jackets and the proportions, exaggerated.


J.Crew is the perfect amalgamation of chic and casual. I love the vibe the collection gives off, with all the casual denims and gold pants. The mixing and the androgynous style looks impeccible. The colours range from moody burgundies and navy to camel, and the materials from tweed to knits. The collection also consisted of menswear clothing which had a relaxed feel to it.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

The first word that comes to mind when I see the collection is Ninja. The models strutting down the runway look like mutant warriors in their combat boots and a more contemporary take on obi belts. The collection was fierce and fun owing to the tinge of grunge and a pinch of street culture. The collection looked straight out of Shinjuku to me, though the collection had some sharp jackets and neat coats which then turned into bold graphics in blue and red.  The collection ended with tons of tulle, with a bow wrapped on it.

Micheal Kors

My love for knits translated into my love for Micheal Kors collection. The chunky cable knit sweaters and the proportionally larger scarves definitely added to the collection. There was a lot of textural play with fur, knits, tweed and sequins involved while the silhouttes were relaxed and casual. There was a lot of fur used in the collection, which depending on your taste, you will either love or hate. I for one remain neutral to it. The collection was perfect for when the temperatures are low, but your style quotient, not so much.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I have been so dazed, I almost forgot that New York Fashion Week has commenced and has already showed us some stellar shows amidst all the white noise. Autumn winter collections are always exciting thanks to those subtle colours, the textures and the streamlined silhouettes and that it begins with New York is just the snow on the pavement. Already 5 days into fashion week, we have seen collections that were great, some that were expected to be great and were, and some that were not so. We see which ones which, as I start with shows that fall into the great and the expected categories.

Kate Spade

Always bright and cheery, the Kate Spade collection was just that. Inspired by Japan and China, the clothes ranged from bright neons to Art Deco inspired fabrics ranging from leopard prints to metallics. Out of the box hangbags are the latest fad, and following Charlotte Olympia is Deborah Llyod. From a chinese takeout box clutch, to a bird-cage, the handbags definitely grabbed eyeballs. The shoes were mens-wear inspired and ranged from loafers to brogues that added a sophisticated touch to the collection and indicated that the mens footwear trend is here to stay.


Still not over their metallic skirt from last seasons collection, the A/W14 collection was nothing short of beautiful. The coats were all beautifully crafted and luxurious. In the belief that luxury cant be surface only, the coats and suits were all double-faced. With hints of tonal contrast on the garments at every interval, there were swatches of pink and cobalt on the lapels and coat-belts. There were a series of curvy dresses in grey with insets of tangerine and fuchsia were sharp and sleek. The collection ended with all white, no nonsense fleece jackets and coats all of which were brightly coloured on the inside.


The subtle colour palette was the first thing that caught my eye. The blue tones, with the blacks and greys were beautifully put together, after which came the well-constructed fleece and wool coats and jackets. Knits were in abundance from long fringed scarves to kaftans. Mens-wear influence was seen in the respect to the materials and the silhouttes used. The collection inspired by the Amish with a modern twist, ended with cool pointed brogues.

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurungs inspiration for this collection was much closer to home. He chose his homeland Nepal as the inspiration, and the collection translated beautifully. His collection consisted of knits, scarves and Mongolian lamb coats in warm colours of crimson and orange. There was fluidity and structure in the garments, and balance in the collection.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has a signature style that usually invoves a boyish charm to her collection in monotones. This collection was no different, with the silhouettes being long and lean. There were tailored jackets that was softened with the pleated back and several shift dresses.


The collection by Delpozo was nothing short of beautiful. It was both feminine and powerful at the same time. The collection opened with well structured overcoats and moved on to more fluid dresses and separates. The array of organaza and chiffon shirt dresses embroidered with sequins and crystals were lovely and ethereal.


The collection aptly named 'Bohemian Wrapsody' consisted of many variations of the signature wrap dress. From jacquard coats worn over pants, to summer dresses with plunging necklines, the collection showed an eclectic mix of styles. My favourite would have to be the cobalt jumpsuit with its spectacular  construction. The collection marked a milestone for DVF, and lived up to expectation.